Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 Rockstar Mayhem Festival

Over here at Plectrum, we take pride in saying that we do not just focus on one particular genre of music. WE LOVE THEM ALL whether we want to believe it or not. You may not like to listen to the latest Usher, Eminem, or Katie Perry release but you admit (albeit secretly to yourself) and sometimes even aloud to yourself while standing in the mirror with a comb in your hand that each of these over the top production value artists do have a catchy quality that makes you want to tap your toes, smack your thighs, and throw your hands up and shout. All of those examples are of similar yet different artists. It might even make sense to throw them all on a lineup together and tour them around the U.S.

However, the men and wo(men) behind the scenes of this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival must have been hitting what can only describe as a near lethal combination of 4loco in order to have created this year’s Mayhem Festival. Organizers for this year’s event decided to put together Disturbed, Godsmack, Megadeth, in Flames, Machine Head, and Trivium. Additionally, they put together Unearth, Kingdom of Sorrow, Red Fang, plus a few Jagermeister Battle of the Bands winners. Some folks have said that the lineup presented this tear will be chalk full of sonic fueled head banging, heart pounding, fist pumping, metal head debauchery.

Now...maybe it is just us here but it seems like the fine folks who are in charge of making these decisions pulled names out of a hat that was filled with the slimy goo they used to use on Double Dare back in the day and threw it against the wall, and whomever was left stuck to the wall after a half our were chosen to perform. Now don’t get us wrong... we love metal and all thinks hard rock but do not go slathering them all together between two slices of bread and call it a sandwich.

Let’s go down the list in order shall we...Disturbed has not been considered metal since ummmm...well come to think of it they are not metal! They have been sold to the unsuspecting drones as Metal but they have always been Hard Rock. The only thing metal with these guys are the animal noises and repetitive grunts we hear on album after album. Don’t buy what we are saying than why don’t you go check out 10,000 Fists again and explain to us why they decided to do a Phil Collins cover! Next up is Godsmack. Are you people freaking kidding us....for those who never got the 411 on these guys they started in Boston as an Alice in Chains cover act. They got big with an overly influenced post grunge rock flair that can only be categorized in the Hard Rock Category. Following them is the legendary Megadeth. Back in the day, this was one of Curtis’ favorite metal bands...only back then it was Thrash Metal. No question this band is as good as it gets when it comes to the Metal genre. Unfortunately, they are past their prime and no longer innovative. Dave Mustaine is still hopelessly set on that early e80’s sound but mixes it up with modern daily social and political commentary. Inflames, Machine Head, and Travium...ok we’ll give you the Metal Tag.

Perhaps all of this might make a little more sense if we enlightened you as to who your cooks are for this feast. Hands in the pot this year include the Rockstar Taste Of Chaos organizer John Reese, Vans Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman and the Creative Artists Agency and co-produced by Live Nation. See...too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the broth (or however you choose to word it.) It is going to be interesting come the day of the shows when the true metal head die-hards come face-to-face with the meek yet Hard Rock fanatics in a battle for supremacy in the mosh pits! Believe us when we say “Oh...there will be blood”

Our thoughts on this event, Skip it!

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