Plectrum Entertainment is a dynamic company that focuses on artist development, management, and consulting. We understand the various challenges that face today's artists and given the current state of the music and entertainment industries, artists need now more than ever a dedicated and supportive team to help them reach their goals. At Plectrum, we work alongside our artists as a partner who is committed to helping them advance their careers to the next level while staying true to the original artistic vision of each and every artist.  

Plectrum Entertainment is founded by Curtis Hughes. Curtis is a musician, recording engineer, producer, and keen businessman. His invaluable knowledge and insight draws from 12 years of management and business experience from both inside and outside the music and entertainment industry. His professional experiences within the industry derive from working with companies and projects that include Cakewalk, Mars Music, NEMO, NAMM, Band Management Servicing, and Special Event Security Consulting Group. Curtis’ personality, professionalism, passion and productivity have earned him the nickname “Director of Excellence” amongst his peers. Although he elects to focus more on the business aspects of the music and entertainment industry, Curtis possesses a wealth of knowledge, familiarity, and understanding, in the technical aspects of performances that the industry yearns for. He has programmed lighting productions for shows, served as an assistant FOH, monitor, and studio engineer, has worked on special event projects for noteworthy artists that include Vertical Horizon, B.B. King, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Steve Smith (former drummer for Journey), K.K. Downing of Judas Priest, among others, and holds professional memberships with ASCAP, MEIE / MEISA, AES, and The Recording Academy.

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