On the Air

Hosted by Curtis Hughes & Max Bowen, the Plectrum Artist Series music spotlight features bands and artists from around the greater Boston area. Bands and artists featured on the program will get the chance to perform live, spin tracks from their albums, and be interviewed by Curtis & Max. The show will also feature Q & A’s with musicians and music industry professionals as we uncover what really goes on behind the scene in the industry. Listeners will be able to submit questions to us to be answered on the air.

 The radio show is aired through cyberstationusa.com and is the only internet radio program devoted to the vibrant Boston music community and the live events that take place around the city. The program boasts over 8,000 listeners per week and is growing at a blistering pace. The show is aired through cyberstationusa.com every Thursday night at 10 pm. Plectrum Entertainment will have copies of the program available for those who are interested in obtaining a copy.

If you were ever interested in learning more about the music and entertainment industry along with what goes on behind the scenes this will be the show for you. Make sure to check out Cyberstation USA at: http://www.CyberstationUSA.com check out Citywide Blackout at: http://www.CitywideBlackout.blogspot.com  and don't forget to check out Plectrum Entertainment at: http://www.plectrumentertainment.com on all your favorite social networking and media sites.

How to get there:

Go to http://www.cyberstationusa.com  the day of show and click on "Listen Live!" If you cannot listen on the day the program is aired than click on "On Demand" scroll down to Thursday, find Citywide Blackout, and press play on the media player.

If you would like to get in touch with the Citywide Blackout, or the Plectrum Artist Series radio show, you can do so by emailing us. Max Bowen (citywidemax@yahoo.com) or Curtis Hughes (mr.muzak@gmail.com)

To submit questions or suggest a topic for discussion for the program please contact either Curtis or Max directly by one of the methods previously disclosed.

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